OFFLINE Audition


We are looking for trainees who are ready to Debut with Upvote 

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Please write the title as [AUDITION] Name/age/sex/support areas.

Please check if the file is attached properly and send it to me!

Support period

Always Receive

Qualification for application

Men and women between the ages of 16 and 25/who live in Korea and can visit at any time

Things to prepare

Support area in video

Audition application form (attached file)

Four Photographs (Face close-up front/both sides, Full-Body)

※ The first round of auditions will be held for those who have passed the audition after receiving online applications in advance, and the time and place will be contacted individually.

Recruitment areas & Things to prepare


Prepare one freedom song,​ without accompaniment, without musical instrument & microphones, Both existing/creat songs are available


Prepare one freedom song


Existing and creative works Possible


lyrics documents and composing demo files Submitting

​※ Additional requests may be made depending on the judges.